Kitchen Remodeling

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where you gather with friends and family, it’s where you cook and eat the meals you’ll always remember. It’s a place of congregation within the home, and it’s important that it feels as authentically you as it can.

We at Compass Edge Construction are passionate about helping families within Outer Banks bring their wildest home improvement dreams to life. We have experts who can craft just about anything you can dream up, and they’ll walk you through the process from day one all the way to when you’re completely satisfied.

We’ll start by listening to what you want your kitchen to look life after the remodel, taking into account the space you’re working with and your budget. While you may think you’re budget doesn’t allow for everything you want in a new space, we are masters at our craft and can help you maximize every dollar and turn it into something you’ll love! We will then help you select the materials that will make up the new kitchen we build for you. Will you be changing the floors to laminate or tile? Will you be selecting new appliances or working around the old ones? Are you interested in re-painting or just touching up your current walls? There are a lot of questions to be answered once we get going, but our team is dedicated to ensuring it’s a process that makes you feel at ease.

We will gather the materials you select for your new kitchen and begin creating as soon as possible. There are many considerations that need to be taken when constructing something as important as your kitchen, and we have the utmost respect for being invited into your home to take on this monumental task. Our team is committed to disturbing you and your family the least amount possible, and being a positive force in your home bringing you a whole new space for your family to enjoy.

As the construction process goes on, we will communicate with you at every step to make sure what we’re building is exactly what you had in mind, and we will make every effort to adjust as we go if you’re dissatisfied. Remodeling a part of your home is a team effort, and it takes good solid communication to get it done well. From installing your new sinks, to tiling your new splash back walls, we want you to be as pleased as we are with how it comes together.

At Compass Edge Construction, we know how important your home is to you, and when we remodel your kitchen, we do it with the same care we would if it was our home too.

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