Elevator Additions

Having an elevator in your permanent or vacation home is a great way to help with transporting family and cargo with ease and is a highly sought after amenity if your home is in the vacation rental market here in the Outer Banks.

The regular use of an elevator can help with the daily management of life. We need to manage our time and alleviate any stressful situations. Having a residential elevator can help with this. We have installed all types and sizes of elevators throughout the Outer Banks, and can help you design one to suit your exact needs while suiting the design of your home. A good residential construction company like Compass Edge Construction can help. We are located in the Outer Banks, North Carolina and can help with elevator installation.

Our construction company will help put this idea into reality. Compass Edge has the experience to make this happen. Elevators can give us freedom for getting around our houses. If we have someone in the family that has special needs this can really be a lifesaver. The elderly or handicap can benefit greatly from the installation of an elevator. It makes it less stressful for all involved.

We can help with all the elevator needs in the Outer Banks, North Carolina area. Compass Edge Construction has the residential experience to make it a reality. We can make it easy to get up and down in the house. Having special needs or just making it easy to get out of the house is a good reason to put in an elevator.

The need for an elevator can change over time. We design our houses with what we thought was needed at the time. As our house matures over time we might see that an elevator is needed to make life easier. This is especially true if we have a house of at least three stories. Getting around can become a real chore especially if we have developed special needs. Having a residential construction company with elevator experience like Compass Edge Construction can be a big help.

Having an elevator in the house can add value to the house down the line. This can be a real selling point when selling the home. The elevator can be very useful hauling stuff up and down the building. Folks that have a business or need for this can benefit greatly from this lift feature. If having a business on the top floor of the home is necessary then an elevator can prove to be a great time and back saving device. There are so many needs for an elevator in the home today.

A residential elevator company like Compass Edge Construction located in the Outer Banks, North Carolina can help this become a needed reality. We have all the experience needed to help with a residential elevator. Making sure it fits into the design of your home will be key to having this convenience. We offer other services for residential construction like pools, house additions, teardowns and remodels. We can help with the designs of any structure including elevators making it a breeze.

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