Additions & Remodel

Gazebos, Pools, Home Offices And Sun Rooms

Everyone at some point would like a little extra room in their home. Maybe you are in need of some office space, or maybe you are looking for an entertainment area, or maybe you finally want that in-ground pool the kids keep asking about. Whatever your addition interests, you want to make sure that they are both good for you and good for your home.

One of the most popular additions that people want is a gazebo or a closed in porch area. These kinds of additions are great for adding a little extra room and for entertaining family and friends. Gazebos are often hexagonal in shape, offer relative amounts of privacy, and can be customized. For those who don’t really care about the design, some companies will offer gazebo kits where you can install them yourself in as little as a few days. For those who want customizations, you can either build it yourself or hire someone to do them. Many gazebos are relatively simple, featuring wood flooring and walls, screened windows possibly with sliding glass, several stairs to come in and out, and a peaked roof possibly with a window. There are some designs though that have included a small kitchenette and lavette as well as heating and electricity.

Another popular addition that many people desire is a pool. Whether it is an in-ground pool or above ground, pools offer a relaxing spot to cool off and a place for the  and their friends to play on a hot day. Just as with gazebos, pools come in kits or custom designs. While in-ground pools do require some intricate work, such as excavation and cement pouring, they are often easier to maintain since you are on level ground standing next to them. In-ground pools also conserve heat easier than above ground pools offering slightly warmer and more tropical temperatures. Above ground pools tend to take up more space and since most don’t come with outside wall covers, can appear unsightly in your yard. The good thing about above ground pools, however, is that they can come down a lot easier than an in-ground pool and aren’t as damaging to your yard.

Are you in need of an office space? Consider adding some additional space to your home with a home office or sun room. While it may be a big expense depending on how large and intricate you want the design, adding extra space to the home may be a great benefit down the road. Office rooms and sun parlors help to add value to the home if done correctly. Many home buyers find more appeal in having a space that they can work quietly in as more and more people are starting home businesses and being stay at home work at home parents.

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