construction plansOur Process

This step-by-step account is designed to give you a very general idea of how our process working with a new client unfolds.  It obviously varies due to factors such as scope, land acquisition and architectural plans.

1. Meet with the builder & home designer to draw or customize your building plans.

2. Walk your lot to determine orientation and grading options.

3. Design contract is completed and executed.  At this point, you will own your custom home plans once completed.

4. Decide on building products and specifications to be used in your home.

5. CEC will provide a sales price based on the information furnished above and a construction contract will be executed.

6. Drawings will be completed.

7. Select exteriors: siding, roof, windows, doors, paint, & options

8. Once your home is “dried in”, you will meet with builder to review rough-ins and answer any questions prior to concealment of drywall.

9. Meet to decide on final tile, paint and flooring selections if not already done previously.

We will meet with you at regular intervals throughout the construction of your home or addition.  We will also communicate via email, text and video messaging as to the progress of your project.

Upon completion of your new home construction or remodel we will schedule a walk-through and orientation. This will provide you an opportunity to identify any items that need our attention prior to the closing of the property (new construction).

Compass Edge works with several local banks to help you secure financing if needed. We can provide you with a list of new home construction bankers upon request.